Thank you for your interest in the Yale Resident Spanish Initiative!

In conjunction with the Office of Interpreter Services and the Yale University Department of Spanish, we have developed a rigorous but flexible medical Spanish curriculum designed to improve communication with monolingual Spanish patients. This curriculum is open to all residents at Yale-New Haven Hospital.

We are also very excited this year to be able to offer a new beginner level curriculum, in addition to our already established intermediate and advanced curricula.

Participants must be residents in at least their PGY-2 year. After completing the advanced level course, participants will be evaluated by the Office of Interpreter Services, participants may receive certification from the Office of Interpreter Services indicating Spanish-language proficiency. It is our goal that participants who complete the beginner and intermediate courses will continue through to the advanced course in the following years.

Class sizes will be limited this year. As part of the following application, you will be asked to explain not only why you are interested in this class, but also how you intend to fit this curriculum into your monthly schedule. There are many program requirements including:

  • Handing in monthly assignments;
  • Attending monthly sessions to review that month's material (oral reinforcement is key!);
  • and Completing the post course test/survey.

Your program director will be made aware of your participation, progress, and success. However, if you fall behind on your assignments, this information will also be communicated to your program director.

Remember, there are many people who would like to take this course. If you are given a spot in the class, there will be other people who are turned down. Please only apply if you truly feel you can stay committed to the course.


This curriculum utilizes the textbook, An Introduction to Spanish for Healthcare Workers, as its base.


The Intermediate and Advanced Curriculum

The curriculum consists of 9 four-week modules. Participants choose which nine blocks (out of thirteen during the year) that they will participate.




Talwalkar, Jaideep

Faculty Advisor

Assistant Professor of Medicine (General Medicine)
Associate Director, Yale Cystic Fibrosis Adult Program
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Associate Director, Yale Combined Med-Peds Residency Program
Director, Yale School of Medicine Physical Examination Course


Garcia, Maripaz

Content Advisor

Senior Lector 1 in Spanish and Portuguese